Vibe Vertical

A 100% blackout fabric suitable for Vertical, Roller and Panel Blinds. The PVC free acrylic coating has anti-fade, easy clean and antifungal properties.
Product Length
Vertical = 89mm, 100mm & 127mm Wide x 100m Long
Colour Variances
Colour variances may occur between fabric production batches. These variances are within industry tolerances, but please check fabric prior to cutting.
Special Care
Fabric should be regularly dusted / vacuumed as appropriate and may be wet cleaned to remove grease or finger marks etc. Recommended cleaning agent is mild detergent in lukewarm water. Fabric may be sponged but severe rubbing should be avoided. White spirits may be used for spot cleaning; methylated spirits (ethanol) and dry cleaning solvent (Perc) must not be used. As usual, if commercial spot cleaners are used, then instructions regarding testing of an inconspicuous area should be followed.
5 Years
Technical Specifications
Suitable for Vertical Blinds
Fabric Type Vertical
Vertical Length 100m
Vertical Width 100mm
Vertical Width 127mm
Vertical Width 89mm
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